Grzegorz Śpiewak, Ph.D., is the Ambassador of the method


The undisputed authority in the field of teaching foreign languages. As the authors of the Teddy Eddie programme, we are proud that Mr Śpiewak appreciated our work and shares our views on teaching young children.


Teddy Eddie is a unique concept of teaching English to children in pre-primary and early primary school age  on the Polish and European educational markets.  Teddy Eddie stands out among the competition with a coherent methodological concept, integrating the elements of a number of classical methods in the original way and adapting them to the reality of teaching young children. This smart cohesive eclecticism, supported by many years of authors’ experience guarantees educational success.

I highly recommend it! 

Grzegorz Śpiewak


The author of a series of guides

English For Parents, based on the original methodological concept of deDOMO


Key trainer

and main teaching methodology advisor of Polish branch of Macmillan Education, widely recognized as one of the most charismatic speakers in the business


Member of many professional organizations

especially including IATEFL Poland – International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language, where he served as the Vice – President and the President, and currently is a member of the Honorary Committee


Founder and CEO

of DOS – Teacher Training Solutions, an independent centre for development for teachers of foreign languages


Lecturer and Assistant Professor

at the Institute of English Studies of University of Warsaw with 19 years of experience, currently affiliated with the prestigious New York college- The New School


The Ambassador

since 2013 the Brand Ambassador and  methodological consultant of the Teddy Eddie programme

Training partners

Partnerzy edukacyjni

The innovative method for collaborative learning English for the whole family, the winner of numerous awards and honours. We like it so much that it has been a  part of a standard set of Teddy Eddie for several years.

The platform for the comprehensive management of language schools; we have cooperated for years taking care of comprehensive customer service and easy contact between the course participants, their parents, teachers, and school administration.

Great application for learning using fiches. Soon specialized Savvy Ed course will be available on Fiszkoteka specially for all the kids on Teddy Eddie continuation. 

Training and advisory company established by Joanna Femiak, Ph.D., supporting schools in constant development; our common values are shared responsibility, knowledge, consistency, and ethics.

The creators of Teddy Eddie are members supporting associations promoting teaching foreign languages in Poland and caring about its high quality.

One of the two home schools of Teddy Eddie. Teddy Eddie was born here!

The leading magazine for English teachers. Articles inspired by Teddy Eddie method are regularly published there. The magazine is also an inspiration to us to raise the quality of teaching constantly.

In the final year of education, we inspire Teddy Eddie students to learn to read. Our partner, Usborne Books, supports us with that by offering educational and very interesting books for children.

One of the two home schools of Teddy Eddie. Teddy Eddie was born here!