Teddy Eddie was created by three mums and founders of language schools, methodology experts and teachers of English at the same time.


We are pleased to introduce our Teddy Bear, known as Teddy Eddie. Teddy Bear is quite playful and sleeps in a smelly sock, but have invited thousands of children to come to language schools for English classes.

We searched for a long time for a method of teaching pre-primary aged children English that would satisfy our high requirements. Firstly, in terms of content – we are methodologists with passion, we take children seriously and believe they have great potential and are able to achieve a lot. Secondly, in terms of a form of classes – we are all mums and we know what our children need. We have observed for years, how a child’s world has been changing and we know what the youngest get crazy about. Thirdly, in terms of organization – we have been running language schools, we are the teachers and we cannot afford any negligence. We didn’t come across any teaching programme that would meet all our requirements, so together with a team of great people – designers, musicians, native speakers, methodologists and under the supervision of the most severe reviewers, that is our children, we created four extensive books of Teddy Eddie.

Some time ago we decided to send Eddie to the world … The programme began to be made available under a license and appeared in various Polish cities. We are in good relations with all the partner schools and together we make a great family of Teddy Eddie. It’s incredible satisfaction to see a lesson conducted at the other end of Poland, where the kids have fun, get involved and make progress, as in our own schools. Soon Teddy Eddie will be available for language schools in other countries, too. Please, feel invited to scour our website!

Best regards,

Diana Kubica, Magdalena Duchnik, Aleksandra Komada

the authors of the method

Meet three Teddy Eddie’s mums


Diana Kubica

She believes that only system solutions are effective and safe in managing language schools. She is the owner of CLAN CITY English schools in Upper Silesia, Poland. She’s passionate about inventing and organizing the reality around her. The author of many materials and teaching programmes. She has been training teachers and methodology experts. In her private life she’s Aleks’s mum and  an inhabitant of Zabrze by choice. She is a keen fan of American TV series and an urban tourism lover.

Magda Duchnik

The owner of CLAN4YOU language schools in Tarnowskie Góry and Zabrze. Her ambition and dream is to use the entire potential of every child. Every year she organizes summer language camps for children and young people, currently she is working on a project for a holiday trip for mums with young children, connected with language learning for both. In her  private life she’s Alicja and Kuba’s mum, a British sense of humour in Monty Python style lover and an Italian cuisine enthusiast.

Ola Komada

Hyperactive every day – people say that her day lasts 48 hours. For 6 years she was a managing director of a network of CLAN then CLAN CITY language schools. Currently she’s 100% dedicated to the development of the Teddy Eddie franchise. She is the main trainer and methodologist of the company. Privately Silesian born and bred. Zuzia and Emil’s mum. She treats the Teddy Eddie project as her third child.



The most severe reviewers and greatest admirers Teddy Eddie


Ultimately the children of the authors of the method- Kuba, Alicja, Zuzia and Aleks have been the most severe reviewers.





Teddy Eddie is cool and funny. I would like to have him at home. He always hides somewhere when we come and we look for him. When we are unkind he hides in the socks, and when we sing nicely he gives us kisses or stamps. I like the most when he has some candies for us in his sock. I really like the song about ducklings and about a spider, and quizzes  and doing magic, and telling children what to do.




Teddy Eddie is cool for young children and a bit older like me. I liked the songs and doing tasks in the books. And the funny pictures. I was sad when I grew up and I couldn’t come to the class with Eddie any longer. Fortunately, I have a younger brother and I can organize Teddy Eddie lessons for him at home.



I liked the secret words and stories because they were funny. The coolest was when I could tell stories in my own way. My favourite story is Funny Restaurant, because there snake dives in the soup.




In Teddy Eddie I like funny stories the most. My favourite ones are  Crazy Man, the one about the alien Meak, and about the hamster Bernie. It’s nice that during a lessons we sit on the carpet and the teacher invents something every moment, for example, collecting pictures or showing what we hear or guessing what the teacher hid.