Here’s our Teddy Bear known as Teddy Eddie.

Eddie is quite a playful bear and he sleeps in a smelly sock. He has already encouraged thousands of children to learn English at language schools with him.




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that’s the number of vocabulary items which an educated American adult uses in everyday conversation.

Teddy Eddie is a method of teaching English to children. With the Teddy Eddie method children learn their first 2,000 words and are prepared for the next, more advanced stage of learning.

The observations of our methodologists have shown that with Teddy Eddie, children learn up to five times more words than they do with other standard courses currently available on the market. Free conversation is possible much sooner than with other methods. Parents quickly see the effects of learning that go beyond the knowledge of vocabulary – many sentences and contexts make children learn to think in a foreign language, which in turn improves their communicative abilities.


Why does it work?

100 % increase

In recent years, the Teddy Eddie method has been growing steadily, both with regard to the number of licences purchased and the total number of children taught.

Created by real mums

Teddy Eddie was created in 2009 in response to the needs of the network of CLAN language schools. The method was developed by an enthusiastic team of methodologists and language school owners, who also all happened to be actual mothers. It was their children who were the first and most severe critics of the method.


More words, more courses

After developing and testing its effectiveness in our own language schools – with our method, children acquire up to five times more vocabulary items than with standard coursebooks – Teddy Eddie set out to conquer the world: Teddy Eddie courses are currently conducted in more than one hundred locations in Poland.

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